Cat Friendly Practice


We offer a variety of services, to keep your pet well, and to care for him/her during times of illness. With each of these services, we provide you with the education you need to make an informed decision, and to keep your pet at the highest level of wellness possible. Some of our services include:

Wellness Care

Routine physical exams are performed to ensure the health of your pet. Lifetime care is available from puppy or kitten to the senior years. Wellness care is recommended based on the Life Stage of your pet.


Vaccinations are necessary for the health of your pet. A Rabies vaccine is required for all dogs and cats in the state of Maryland. Based on the physical examination, the doctor will make recommendations that are specifically tailored for your pet.

Heartworm Testing

We recommend annual testing, and the use of Heartgard for year-round protection against heartworm disease as well as several other intestinal parasites for all dogs.

Dental Care

Regular professional cleaning is important to maintaining your pet's teeth, in addition to regular dental care at home. Dental radiographs can provide additional information about the health of teeth, including the need for extraction.


Our doctors are experienced in performing many surgical procedures that your pet may need.


We offer the Home Again microchip as a permanent way to identify pets.

Health Certificates

Our doctors are well versed in the complicated travel protocols needed to go to rabies free areas outside of the continental United States, such as Great Britain and Hawaii.

Laboratory Testing

Many routine diagnostic tests are run in our hospital. More extensive testing is sent to outside facilities that specialize in animal laboratory work.


This painless procedure uses sound waves to examine specific internal organs. Pregnancy exams are also available.


Our x-ray machine can detect abnormalities of the musculoskeletal and other major organ systems.


Acupuncture has been used for over 5,000 years to treat various conditions that may affect health or mobility. Acupuncture is a service for your pet to be used in addition to or instead of drugs. It is most commonly used with conditions resulting in pain, such as osteoarthritis or intervertebral disc disease in pets.

Therapeutic Laser

Our Class IV Therapeutic Laser reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and speeds healing. It can be used for a large variety of treatments.

Please visit our Laser Therapy page for more details.

Specialized Care

At times, we may need to refer your pet to a specialist for care. In that case, our doctors have excellent working relationships with many other veterinary specialists, and will communicate with them, and vice versa, to provide continuity of care.

Please see our Links page for a list of veterinary specialists.

Retail Sales

We have prescription diets available from Hill's, Iams, Purina, and Royal Canin. We also carry flea and tick products, and dental care products. If we do not routinely carry a prescription diet in our display area, we will happily special order it for you.


We stock a variety of veterinary drugs, and are also able to obtain hard to find drugs from a local compounding company.

Emergency Care

We will care for an emergency with your pet during the hours we are open. If there is an emergency after normal business hours, please phone our office; the message on our answering machine will provide you with the number of a local emergency service.

The Grooming Room

The Grooming Room is right next door to us. If your dog is being groomed, you can make advance arrangements for him/her to be seen by a member of our staff for any wellness needs, such as examinations or vaccinations.