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Pain Management

Sep 26 2019

The prevention and management of pain is an important part of our practice.

Laser Therapy

Sep 26 2019

We are excited to offer this breakthrough non-invasive treatment. Our low-level therapy laser sends light deep into your pet’s body to dramatically reduce swelling, improve blood supply, accelerate healing, and stop the transmission of pain. All of this is accomplished without the use of any drugs.

Bad Teeth and Gums are “The Root of All Evil”

Sep 26 2019

Did you know that those red gums are actually the sign of an infection called gingivitis? Without appropriate treatment, this infection can progress to periodontal disease and tooth loss. We are passionate about promoting good dental care to treat and prevent these diseases.


Sep 26 2019

Hiking, camping, or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest can put you and your dog at risk for a contagious bacterial disease called leptospirosis.

Heartworm Q&A

Sep 26 2019

Heartworm disease in our area has become a present and permanent threat.

Parasite Prevention

Sep 26 2019

Intestinal parasites are among a number of diseases that can be transmitted from animal to man with potentially devastating results—blindness, even death. And infection is widespread: nine percent of humans in the western United States test positive for roundworm. Fortunately, prevention is simple. Protect your pet by administering a simple monthly pill. Protect yourself and your family by avoiding the sources of infection.


Sep 26 2019

When your pet undergoes a surgical or dental procedure requiring anesthesia, we understand that you have entrusted us with your pet’s life. We accept this obligation and responsibility with all due seriousness.

Senior Wellness Testing

Sep 26 2019

Wellness testing really does make a difference for senior pets! With early diagnostic detection, we can prevent many diseases and manage existing disorders far more easily. A simple blood and urine test now can dramatically reduce your long-term veterinary cost and, most importantly, enable us to offer your beloved companion a longer, healthier life.

Breed Disorders

Sep 26 2019

Different breeds of cat and dog are are a greater risk of certain conditions, diseases, and disorders. Here are a few we think you should know about.

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